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Brooklyn Independent
Vol. 1


A collection of short films from the Brooklyn Independent Cinema Series


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Directed by Stephanie Via

3 min • 2006 • USA • English • B&W

An elderly woman remembers
a tragic childhood moment.


Grand Luncheonette
Directed by Peter Sillen

5 min • 2005 • USA • English • Color

"Grand Luncheonette" documents the last days of
one of 42nd Street's unforgettable lunch counters.


Barbara Leather
Directed by Seth Lind

10 min • 2005 • USA • English • Color

Pioneer craftswoman Barbara Shaum muses on the art of leather crafting, her first sip of ale in NYC's oldest men's-only pub, and her pickiest client-- Chiki the llama.


La Vie d'un Chien
Directed by John Harden

14 min • 2005 • USA • French / English Subtitles • B&W

A scientist formulates a serum that transforms him into a dog,
but it's only when he changes back into a human that his
troubles begin.


Directed by Benh Zeitlin

9 min • 2005 • USA • English • Color

This surrealistic interpretation of Herman Melville's
Moby Dick tells a microscopic tale of epic tragedy.


Jettison Your Loved Ones
Directed by Ray Tintori

6 min • 2005 • USA • English • B&W

A man addicted to faking his own death strives for glory while his abandoned son, a boxer who thinks he’s from the future, falls in love with his half-sister, the world’s greatest swordfighter.


Directed by Jamin Winans

8 min • 2005 • USA • Color

A mysterious DJ is sent to a city block to mend a series
of chain reactions that occur in our everyday lives.


Directed by Jamie Travis

9 min • 2005 • Canada • English • Color

Pauline waits for a phone call, misses the phone call, gets
the phone call and regrets the phone call in this stylized
allegory of innocence and experience.


Directed by Leah Meyerhoff

10 min • 2005 • USA • English • Color

Unable to find the emotional intimacy she craves, a young
girl must come to terms with her emerging sexuality,
her disabled mother and the irrational fear that her
mother's disability is contagious.


Directed by Lance Edmands

28 min • 2006 • USA • English • Color

Two young brothers journey across the back roads of Maine on their bicycles hoping to reunite with their older brother, but
when things don't go as planned, and home is miles away…
the meaning of family begins to change.


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