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AFTER THE FALL follows two American journalists to Vietnam for the 30th anniversary of the fall of Saigon and explores the profound impact of the war on their fathers.

Sharing a common interest in Vietnam, Tom Bissell —the son of a Marine Captain who served in the war— and Morgan Meis —the son of a draft resister who moved to Canada in protest— return to Saigon to attend the anniversary ceremonies with the formerly black-listed Vice President of South Vietnam.

Unbeknownst to them, their activities are being monitored by the Vietnamese Secret Police, and after meeting with a "subversive" contemporary artist in Hanoi, Tom And Morgan get an all-too-real glimpse into the experiences that weighed so heavily on their fathers, with their own encounter ending in a minor international incident.

Featuring interviews with both fathers and sons, AFTER THE FALL offers views from both sides of the conflict and two generations' perceptions of the war and its legacy.

65 min - USA / Vietnam - English - Color / B&W - 2009